After some good testing on the Friday, we were looking forward to race day, although the the threat of rain was ever present. After overnight rain, the track was damp and it looked like the rain would return at some point during the day. The plan was to get a lap on the board in qualifying in tricky conditions and take it from there. Rudi Adams did a good job to do just that and I was due to improve on our position when a yellow at the end of the lap meant I had to follow a slower car and any chance of improvement was gone, so we started 18th overall and 3rd in Pro Am. Immanuele Vinke started the race and the rain got steadily worse until on lap 2 there was a downpour and he was one of a number of cars that aquaplaned in treacherous conditions and unfortunately the car had to be retired due to damage. I'll be back at the Nordschleife for VLN 4 in July when I look forward to getting some race laps in!