Aug 2019


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P5 was a positive result considering we had no testing on the Friday and qualified a long way down the grid due to worsening conditions as the session went on! As our car suffered accident damage in the Spa 24 hours, the Walkenhorst Motorsport guys did a fantastic job to get it to the circuit late on Friday evening with the car looking pristine and ready to race! Most of the frontrunners in the field had spent all of Friday testing in perfect conditions, so we were slightly on the back foot for the start of the 6 hour race on Saturday.

We woke up to heavy rain and dark skies on Saturday morning, which meant a very wet start to the day with qualifying starting imminently. There was a glimmer of hope before qualifying as the forecast was for the rain to clear, so teammate David Pittard did a lap to get a time on the board! Whilst we waited for conditions to improve, they unfortunately got worse to the point that it was almost not worth the risk going on track. We tried for another lap at the end of the session but the track was awash so we started some way down the grid.

David started the race, he did a great job in the opening laps to get into the top ten then pitted at the end of lap 2 to make an early change to slicks. This was a good call which resulted in us leapfrogging up to P6 once everybody had stopped. I got into the car next and did a double stint lasting around 2 hours 20 minutes. The track had dried nicely and it was great to get some quality time in the car, even though there were lots of yellow flags and Code 60s, some of which lasted for an hour! The car felt good and ran like clockwork, and after my double stint, I came in and handed over to Christian Krognes from P6 with a couple of hours to go. He had a great battle with the Falken Porsche, eventually finishing just ahead in P5.

It was an excellent effort by everyone and the freshly rebuilt car didn't miss a beat; thanks to Walkenhorst Motorsport for all their hard work. VLN reverts to the traditional 4 hour format for VLN 6 on 7 September.